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Five Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

Several signs indicate that it is time to get a new roof. While you never want to actually get up on the roof to inspect it, you should look out for these warning signs.

1. Curling Shingles

You can examine this phenomenon from the ground. If you start seeing your roof’s shingles curling upward, then you could be at risk of a leak developing.

2. Holes Form

Unless you have a skylight, sun beams should not be entering your home from the roof. Go into the attic every so often to see if any small holes are forming.

3. Sagging Roof

This is generally a sign that there is something wrong with the entire structure. It is important you remedy this situation immediately because it poses a significant danger.

4. Numerous Missing Shingles

One missing shingle is not cause for alarm. You may not even notice a single shingle missing. However, if numerous ones fall off, then you have a problem on your hands.

5. Aged Roof

Most roofs are only designed to last up to 25 years at the maximum. You should check with the previous owners to see how old the roof is and what exact material it is made out of.
By being vigilant, you will know exactly when it is time to install a completely new roof. Always hire professionals to do roof work, and call G.A. Denison and Sons at 860-388-3567 for additional information. 
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