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3 Ways to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Winter

Before winter arrives with all of its glory, make sure your home is ready for all the precipitation and severe weather that winter brings with it. To get ready for winter, you need to clean out your gutters, install gutter guards and make sure all vents on your roof are properly sealed. Here is some information about each of these steps.
#1 Clean Out Your Gutters
The first thing you need to do is spend some time cleaning out your gutters this fall. During the fall, gutters tend to get clogged up with leaves. Wait till the leaves have fallen off most of the trees near your home, and then set aside an afternoon for cleaning your gutters.
You can use a few different approaches to clean out your gutters. You can get up on a ladder with a bucket and small shovel and then shovel out the junk from your gutter into the bucket.
Or you can purchase an attachment kit for your leaf blower that will allow you to blow the leaves out of your gutter while standing on the ground. An attachment can be a bit expensive, but it is a tool you can use whenever you need to clean out your gutters.
Or you can use a garden hose and a telescoping hose wand that has an angled, down-pointing spray nozzle to clean your gutters. With the right attachment to your garden hose, you can stand on the ground or a short step ladder and use your garden hose and hose wand attachment to push all of the junk in your gutter out through the downspout.
#2 Install Gutter Covers
Cleaning your gutters will go much smoother next year if you install covers on your gutters. Gutter covers are designed to fit over the top of your gutters. They keep leaves, twigs and other small debris out of your gutter and push them naturally toward the ground instead of into your gutters
With gutter covers in place, rain will be able to easily make its way from your roof, into your gutters and out through your downspouts to your drainage system. You will only have to clean your gutters out every few years, instead of a few times per year, reducing the time you spend doing yard work or paying someone else to clean your gutters for you.
#3 Patch Up Around Roof Vents
Next, you don't want water working its way through you roof and into your home this winter. Roof vents are one of the top causes of roof leaks. Leaks around roof vents can be prevented by making sure your roof vent pipes are properly sealed.
To make sure that your roof vents are properly sealed, you need to inspect your roof vents. The gaskets around your roof pipes should be sealed tight against your roof, and there should be no gaps between the collar around the base of your roof vents and your roof.
The collar around the base of your roof vents consists of two different parts. The first part is a metal rectangle that should be placed under your shingles. The second part is a rubber boot that goes around the pipe or vent and connects to the metal guard. Over time, the rubber boot may become cracked or degraded and allow water into your roof.
If the rubber boot is degraded, you need to put a new rubber boot in place to create a watertight seal. Use a pocket knife to remove all caulking from around the older rubber boot.
Then use lap seal caulking to put a bead of caulking around the base of the old rubber boot where it meets with the pipe. Finally, slide the new rubber boot over the pipe and push it into place. This process should create a new waterproof seal.
This fall, take some time to keep water out of your house and flowing properly through your drainage system. The roofing experts at G.A. Denison & Sons, Inc, can help you get your home ready for winter.
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